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Norwalk Courthouse

Located in the heart of Norwalk at 12720 Norwalk Blvd, Norwalk, CA 90650, the Norwalk Courthouse has proudly served the residents of this city for many years and will continue to do so for many more years to come. Residents of this fine city have praised the services of this courthouse and how it has helped so many of them with their legal issues.


While serving the city of Norwalk, the Norwalk courthouse also serves some of the surrounding cities such as Anaheim, Compton, Lakewood, and Whittier. This courthouse is rather small compared to others and it does not offer as many services as others. Norwalk Courthouse does not have an administrative office but there is an officer at the front of the courthouse who could direct you to the correct office to handle anything you need. The Norwalk Courthouse handles both civil and criminal cases. There is a clerk’s office located at this courthouse where you could go to pay any fines that you have or to check if you case has been resolved yet. They do have a public defender on site in case you need one to represent you in the court room. The public defender has an office where you could go to access their services and they could advise you on your case as well.


Unlike some courthouses, this courthouse has a domestic violence clinic where you could go to in order to get assistance with any domestic violence issues that you may have. This office has proven to been a great help to the community and has substantially dropped domestic violence issues in the area. As well as domestic violence assistance, this courthouse serves any family law matters that you may have and have several different offices for these services. There is a family law clerk’s office for you to pay any fines or alimony that is determined in your trial. There is also two Family court services offices where court evaluators assess and recommend parenting plans as well as issuing mandatory parent education class.


There is also a Family Law facilitator office where they give free help to people who need help filling out forms for child support. If you want to bail out anyone that has been arrested in the city of Norwalk and is being tried at this location, then you will need to turn in the bond before 3 o’clock. After this time, the bond clerk will not be able to accept any paperwork and the defendant will most likely be transferred back to jail.

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